Formula E Gen2 Released! – Studio-397

Are you fast enough to take on the world’s best sim racers? Then fire up rFactor 2 and log your fastest time to qualify for the ABB Formula E Race at Home Challenge, all for the opportunity to win a once-in-a-lifetime drive of the all-electric Formula E Gen2 car.

The ABB Formula E Race at Home Challenge might be taking place in a virtual world, but that doesn’t stop the racing from being any less real. If you think you’ve got what it takes and want to be in with a chance of transitioning from a digital track to a real-life drive of a Formula E Gen2 car, then start setting those hot laps today.

How it works

In the weeks leading up to each round of the ABB Formula E Race at Home Challenge you will need to set a qualifying time on the chosen circuit – for the first week you’ll need to tackle the challenging Hong Kong street circuit.

The fastest drivers on the leaderboard will then be selected to join the Challenge grid. The first week will see the 18 fastest drivers chosen to race, and subsequent weeks will see the top eight qualify as the top 10 race finishers will automatically qualify for the next Challenge race.

The top drivers will then line up on the grid for the Challenge race, a tough 15-lap race that will see the last-placed driver eliminated every lap until only 12 remain to battle for the win in the final lap.

Follow all the progress on the leaderboard

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The prizes

The winner of the ABB Formula E Race at Home Challenge will earn the ultimate driving experience to take the Formula E Gen2 for spin around a real-world Formula E track for five laps, allowing you to sample the all-electric single-seater like those raced by the stars of the ABB Formula E Championship.

Alternatively, we’re offering two VIP passes to a Formula E race to be claimed this season or next.

The Challenge winner will take the Gen2 Formula E racer for a spin