Formula E has announced a fundraising partnership with UNICEF to help protect and continue educating vulnerable children and families during the corona virus pandemic.

The championship has already made an initial but undisclosed donation to the United Nations Children’s Fund.

Together the organisations will launch programs to raise money in support of the global corona virus appeal.

Funds will target projects that contribute to remote learning programs and to improve the supply of protective equipment for frontline hospital staff and care workers.

FE CEO Jamie Reigle said: “Formula E is committed to supporting UNICEF in its efforts to protect the health and well-being of the world’s children and families.

“Formula E was founded with a purpose of reducing global climate change by accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles; a mission which aims to provide a safer, cleaner life for future generations.

“Today, we are taking immediate action to protect future generations from a global health emergency.

“Our partnership with and initial donation to UNICEF are the start of a long-term journey together to protect the health, safety and education of vulnerable children around the world.”

The UNICEF response to the COVID-19 crisis aims to secure the health and well-being of young people in the first instance.

It then works to reduce the impact of lost educational opportunities and tackle the discrimination and stigma that comes from widespread misinformation.

According to UNICEF figures, so far 1.5 billion children have already lost out on education due to school closures resulting from the pandemic.

The enormous economic downturn that is expected as a result of the corona virus will also increase the risk of vulnerable families falling further below the poverty line.

Sarah Ward, the deputy executive director of partnerships and philanthropy of UNICEF UK, added: “We are delighted to see Formula E supporting UNICEF’s response to corona virus.

“With huge thanks to the generous donations of our supporters, such as Formula E, UNICEF is proud to continue our life-changing work across the world.

“Through their much-needed donation, we are able to support children and families across the world by activities including supplying medical equipment and hygiene kits, developing learning resources, delivering prevention campaigns and tackling misinformation.”